Dear Parents and Students:

Please find below the Bus Routes for the 2016-17 school year as of 7/15/16. Please note: These

pickup and drop off times may be slightly revised during August so please double check the times

for your stop before the first day of school.

These are the three routes and the bus stops we will be using this year. Students eligible for bus

transportation will beassigned a bus stop and notified in early August; however, if there is a stop

more convenient for you,say, close to work, then you may request it and we will see if an

accommodation can be made.

Our service provider for bus transportation is: School District Services (850) 264-0110. An SDS

Representative will be present at Orientation to provide more details about exact pickup and drop off

locations. During the school year, if there is a problem during either the morning or afternoon runs,

SDS should be called as the Dispatcher can radio the Drivers if necessary.

Please note the following information from the TSMS Transportation Policy:

           Bus Transportation is limited to students living between two (2) and four (4) miles

           from the school. The 2 to 4 mile zone is determined by drawing a radius line from the

           entrance of the school to the student's home or to the entrance of their subdivision.

           The stops used will be primarily "Area Stops" where parents will need to drive their

           students and wait for the bus to arrive. Parents will be required to sign an agreement

           with the school in relation to bus transportation.

           Students residing within the 2 mile zone are not eligible for bus transportation.

Students not eligible for bus transportation will be informed by letter. If you are not sure of your status,

please check the 2 mile radius map on this website or contact Mr Froemke, our Transportation

Coordinator,at: pfroemke@tsmas.org or (850) 681-7827 Ext 304.

Thank you!


           2016-17 BUS TRANSPORTATION

                    Service Provider: SDS (850) 264-0110

               ROUTES & TIMES_AS OF 7/15/16

Route #: 1401 – West & Northwest                    Bus #: RED                          Driver: Ms Burger

Seq. AM PM Bus Stop Location
  1 6:38 3:45 Blountstown St at Bicycle Rd
  2 6:41 3:43 Senator Pat Thomas Blvd at North Mission Rd (near Dollar General)
  3 6:46 3:38 W Tennessee St at 5052 (lot behind McDonalds)
  4 6:48 3:36 Tennessee Capital Blvd at Memphis Rd
  5 6:49 3:35 W Tharpe St at Henway Ct
  6 6:55 3:29 Capital Circle NW at Brittany Estates (at Clubhouse)
  7 7:04 3:20 Village Way at Autumn Woods Way
  8 7:07 3:17 Bombadil Dr at Lumberjack Ln
  9 7:10 3:15 Tower Rd at Tower Oaks Dr
10 7:12 3:13 Russells Pond Lane at Water Valley Dr
11 7:15 3:10 N Monroe St at 5810 (Oak Valley Shopping Center – Publix/Hardees)
12 7:20 3:05 2585 Clara Kee Blvd off N Monroe St (Jackson View Park)
13 7:30 2:55 Tallahassee School of Math and Science – Arrive/Depart
14 9:00 2:45 Parking – Central Compound

Route #: 1402 – Central                                        Bus #: BLUE                        Driver: Ms Stevens

Seq. AM PM Bus Stop Location
1 6:36 3:50 Van Fleet St at Patton St (off Eisenhower St)
2 6:42 3:43 Levy Ave at Highland St (across from Providence Community Center)
3 6:46 3:39 Pepper Dr at Glenda Dr
4 6:48 3:37 Jackson Bluff Rd at S Lipona Rd (by Palmer Munroe Teen Center)
5 6:52 3:32 Pensacola St at N Ocala Rd (Westwood Shopping Ctr parking lot – McDonalds)
6 6:57 3:27 Greentree Ln at High Rd
7 7:02 3:22 Basin St at Preston St
8 7:04 3:20 Joe Louis St at Indiana St
9 7:13 3:10 Lake Ella Dr at Legion St (Lake Ella)
10 7:18 3:05 N Monroe St at 2415 (The Centre of Tallahassee – SW corner)
11 7:30 2:55 Tallahassee School of Math and Science – Arrive/Depart
12 9:00 2:45 Parking – Central Compound

Route # 1403 – East & Northeast                       Bus #: GREEN                    Driver: Ms Donaldson

Seq. AM PM Bus Stop Location
1 6:35 3:42 Tucker St at Pasco St (across from Walker Ford Community Center)
2 6:46 3:31 Myers Park Dr at 913 (by Myers Park Tennis Courts)
3 6:54 3:20 S Magnolia Dr at E Park Ave (111 - Winn Dixie parking lot)
4 7:20 3:05 Capital Circle NE at 3200 (Home Depot parking lot behind garden center)
5 7:30 2:55 Tallahassee School of Math and Science – Arrive/Depart
6 9:00 2:45 Parking – Central Compound

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