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Dear Parents and Student Bus Riders,

Due to a drop in student ridership last year, it is necessary for TSMS to downsize our bus transportation plan and announce a Two-Bus Route Plan for the 2018-19 school year. The 3 routes operated last year will be combined into 2 routes. Most of the stops will continue to be serviced except for the Home Depot stop, which we regret will be eliminated.

Students who were regular riders during 2017-18 will be given priority for seats on the new plan. However, to help TSMS better plan for 2018-19, a Bus Transportation Request Form must be submitted for ALL students desiring bus transportation and be approved before students may board a TSMS bus. This form is being emailed to all parents and is also available in the main office.

Please find below a draft of the 2018-19 ROUTE SHEET and check your stop and the pickup and drop off times, which may be different than last year. This route sheet may be revised again at the end of the summer. Thank you!


(as of 6/4/18)

Route #: 1401 – West & Northwest RED BUS Driver: TBD
Seq. AM PM Bus Stop Location
1 6:30 3:53 Pensacola St at N Ocala Rd (Westwood Shopping Ctr - CitiTrends/McDonalds)
2 6:36 3:47 Senator Pat Thomas Blvd at North Mission Rd (near Dollar General)
3 6:39 3:44 Blountstown St at Bicycle Rd
4 6:40 3:43 Blountstown St at Allison Marie Ct
5 6:46 3:37 W Tennessee St at 5052 (lot behind McDonalds)
6 6:49 3:34 Tennessee Capital Blvd at Memphis Rd
7 6:54 3:29 Capital Circle NW at Brittany Estates (at Clubhouse)
8 7:02 3:21 Village Way at Mossy Top Way
9 7:05 3:18 Bombadil Dr at Lumberjack Ln
10 7:06 3:17 Bombadil Dr at Bombadil Ct
11 7:08 3:15 Tower Rd at Tower Oaks Dr
12 7:12 3:11 TBD - Russells Pond Ln at Water Valley Dr or Publix at 5810 N Monroe St
13 7:21 3:05 2585 Clara Kee Blvd off N Monroe St (Jackson View Park)
14 7:30 2:55 Tallahassee School of Math and Science – Arrive/Depart
15 8:00 2:30 Parking – Central Compound
Route #: 1402 – South, East, Central Bus #: BLUE Driver: TBD
Seq. AM PM Bus Stop Location
1 6:30 3:55 Van Fleet St at Patton St (off Eisenhower St)
2 6:35 3:50 Jackson Bluff Rd at S Lipona Rd (by Palmer Munroe Teen Center)
3 6:40 3:45 Levy Ave at Highland St (across from Providence Community Center)
4 6:45 3:40 Tucker St at Pasco St (across from Walker Ford Community Center)
5 6:52 3:33 Myers Park Dr at 913 (by Myers Park Tennis Courts)
6 6:57 3:28 S Magnolia Dr at E Park Ave (111 – Winn Dixie parking lot)
7 7:11 3:14 Basin St at Preston St
8 7:13 3:12 Joe Louis St at Indiana St
9 7:19 3:06 Lake Ella Dr at Legion St (Lake Ella)
10 7:24 3:01 N Monroe St at 2415 (The Centre of Tallahassee – SW corner)
11 7:30 2:55 Tallahassee School of Math and Science – Arrive/Depart
12 8:00 2:30 Parking – Central Compound


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  •  3434 North Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32303
  • (850) 681-7827
  • (850) 325-6706
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