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2logos tsmsTSMS's curriculum objectives and goals are built upon the New Florida Standards. The School will implement the Leon County Public School Student Progression Plan as a vehicle to guide the progression and implementation of the curriculum to be taught.

The School's curriculum will focus on clear and measurable expectations for student learning and covers the main subject areas of Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, the School offers all or some of the following elective classes: Art, Music, Computer, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. The curriculum will continuously reflect high quality instruction and implement research – based strategies, innovations and activities. TSMS believes that using a research based educational program and curriculum will help the School to enhance student achievement in STEM and Reading by creating a stimulating environment.

Highlights of the school's academic priorities and program are the following:

A clear focus on academic excellence : TSMS provides state-of-the art curricula that were designated as exemplary by the U.S. Department of Education in mathematics and science as well as rigorous reading programs by keeping the new Florida Standards in mind. The delivery of the curricula is enhanced by innovative and balanced instructional methods, such as project-based instruction, computer-enhanced activities, contextual learning, direct instruction, and self-directed learning. Academic excellence is facilitated by a team of well-qualified faculty and instructors, and it will be supported by collaboration with parents and partnerships as well as local higher-education and civic institutions.

A comprehensive assessment program : A variety of student assessments, including state assessment programs, unit tests developed locally, classroom-based assessments, and school climate surveys is used to evaluate teaching and learning processes of students and to improve the school's academic environment on a regular basis.

Supporting maturity and independence : The school is striving to foster self-confidence, self-respect, and self-control in each student through group process skills and cooperative learning, the development of conflict resolution skills, and the expectation of accepting responsibility for one's actions. The academic environment is promoting high expectations of each student in the pursuit of excellence (e.g., through participation in academic competitions and mathematics and science Olympiads) and skills needed for life-long learning (e.g., through effective computer skills to use the global information highway).

Providing balance : Educational programs at TSMS educate the whole child by providing a rigorous education in math, science, and technology, with a strong emphasis on reading; encouraging serious exploration of the arts and humanities; developing student awareness of local and community needs as well as an understanding of national and global issues; and striving to reach academic excellence for all the students while at the same time recognizing individual differences.

The school believes that each student has a natural curiosity and love of learning and that each child has a limitless intellectual level, ability level, and learning style. Therefore, students at the school will strive for their highest levels of intellectual and learning abilities in an educational context, which concentrates on students' individual learning styles and life-long love of learning.


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Tallahassee School of Math & Science is committed to enrolling a diverse student population and abides by the Florida Statutes that forbid discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, gender, marital status, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
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