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Art Club members learn to be visual with mural at Tallahassee School of Math & Science

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Courtney Carpenter is on a mission to boost her students' confidence in themselves and pride in their school. As the art teacher at the Tallahassee School of Math & Science, she is building the school’s first ever art program and creating innovative ways to beautify the campus.

She was brought on the faculty last year and since then, she’s been working to introduce the students to art both during school, though her classes, and after school, through the newly formed art club.  

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“Due to hybrid learning last year, our art program could only grow so much. This year, we are determined to see it blossom. Our students are excited for art and can't wait to share it all over our school,” said Carpenter. 

Carpenter’s grand plan includes several murals which will be designed and painted by the students themselves. To realize this vision, Carpenter applied for and received an Art Education Grant offered by the Council on Culture & Arts, made possible this year through philanthropic support from the Duke Energy Foundation’s Powerful Communities program.


Art Club in action

Carpenter’s Art Club is comprised of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who kicked off the project by studying murals from all over the world.

“We talked about the artists and looked at different collections of street art and neighborhoods that have been renovated using public art. We watched a video about how public art can bring a community together and we made that the core of why we were creating our murals.” 

After working in teams to conceptualize and revise mural designs, the students got to work painting the first one.

Sixth grader Blake Thompson explained, “the mural is the word ‘learn’ painted in the school colors of red and blue. Inside each of the letters, we painted the word learn again but in different languages.”

He added, “Ms. Carpenter used a projector and then we traced it on the wall and then started painting. There were two tall students that got the part up high. Everybody in our art club worked on it.”

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