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Odyssey of Mind Team Going to World Finals!!

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Odyssey of Mind Team Going to World Finals!!

Odyssey of Mind Team Going to World Finals!!

2021 Florida Odyssey of the Mind State Competition
Tallahassee School of Math and Science Awards

We want to congratulate our gifted and talented kids for their fantastic success at the 2021 Florida Odyssey of the Mind State Competition. We had a unique award ceremony for our students last Friday.
The award ceremony for the Odyssey of The Mind State competition took place under the oak tree due to pandemics, but it was a great experience. The Nature Coast Odyssey of The Mind regional directors came to TSMS Campus to give the awards to our kids.
After kids get their awards, we took group photos (socially distanced).
Congratulations to our Cheetahs!
Our Classics team is going to World Finals in Orlando. It will be a great experience
Guck luck to our Classics team going to the World competition in June!

Here is the list of our Cheetahs and their awards:

Odyssey of the Mind Primary: Participation ribbons for Primary

Jude Watson
Eli Wagner
Eleni Tolia
Brooks Perkins

Problem 3, Division 1: state pins, lanyards, and t shirts
Problem 3 Classics: Omer and the Beanstalk invited to World Finals

Alexander Hartley
Anna Espino
Tristen Hartley
Ivan Alanis
Madison Shannon
Aliyah West
Ethan Markland


Plaques and individual medals for Problem 4, Division 1
Problem 4 It is a Trap!! A 2nd Place

Maddox Foust
Jada Newcombe
Harmony Murphy
Carissa Tolia
Eddie (3rd- Ottley)
Madison (5th- Jacobs)


Plaques and individual medals for Problem 1, Division 2
Problem 1 Omer the Romer: A 2nd Place

Kylie Newcombe
Blake Rehbein
Joshua French
James Morton
Amarrie Strouble
Julia Oliver

An embellished ribbon and individual ribbons for Problem 2, Division 2
Problem 2 Virtual Odyssey: 4th place

Xander Frost
Liam Tolia
Issa Allison
Gabriel Campbell
Jackson Flowers
Ohana Keyton
Heavenly Murphy


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Tallahassee School of Math & Science is committed to enrolling a diverse student population and abides by the Florida Statutes that forbid discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, gender, marital status, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
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